Thun City Switzerland Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-Jan-2022

About Thun city destination: Thun is a beautiful city which is located in on shore of the Lake Thun, Switzerland. Thun is situated in central Switzerland country and Bern capital city is just 29.4 KM distance. Thun is a natural beautiful city which three sides has forest, snow capped mountains and one side has natural lake. Thun is a completely environment friendly city.

Thun city is is good destination to explore Swiss local people social and cultural life style. Thun city is exact 29.4 KM distance from Bern capital city. Zurich city is exact 148.8 KM distance, Geneva city is just 188.4 KM far, Basel city is just 125.5 KM distance, Lucerne city is just 98.2 KM far, St Gallen city is just 231.2 KM distance, Lausanne city is exact 138.5 KM distance.

Switzerland is very popular tourists places in Europe which neighbour countries are Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is a evergreen honeymoon destination in Europe which is all over world famous for snow capped mountains, deep forest, natural big lakes, snow glaciers, meadows. Lots of people come in Swiss country in summer season when other country weather some hot while Swiss country weather become cool. lots of tourists also come to Switzerland country in winter season when all Swiss country covered by snow and they also enjoy different types of the water sports.

How can come to Thun city: it is well connected to other Switzerland domestic places via train transport and road transport which nearest major city is Bern capital city which is only 30 KM distance. the Thun city main airport of situated in Bern capital city which connects city to other international countries and domestic places.

Thun - Train station: Thun railway station is the main travel destination where people can get trains to other domestic places and some other European countries also. people also can get other European countries trains from Bern capital city which is only 30 KM distance from Thun city.

Thun - Ferry terminal: ferry port is the ferry terminal on Thun lake where passengers can get ferry services to only other Lake shores which is a big lake where also situated some other villages and towns and connected via ferry services. Switzerland holiday trip and UK London holiday trip .

Flugplatz Thun airport: Thun regional airport is a main domestic airport where passengers can get flights services to only other domestic places. Flugplatz Thun airport connects Thun city via air transport to other major Swiss cities.

Bern international Airport: Bern Airport is the main nearest international airport of the Thun city where passengers can get international flights and domestic flights. Swiss country other major international airports are Zurich international airport and Geneva international airport.

Thun city famous tourist places: Thun city has many natural and man made places to visit which few are Wocher Panorama - Historical landmark, Thun Castle, Panzer Museum - History museum, Niesen - Mountain peak, Drunengalm - Mountain peak, Turnen - Mountain peak, Stockhorn - Mountain peak, Hohmadli - Mountain peak, Ochsen - Mountain peak, Lake Thun, Oberhofen Castle, Jakobshubeli - Vista point etc.

Thun city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Thun city has lots of luxury and affordable hotels and Restaurants. Its some Restaurants are Restaurant Schärmehof, Gaststube im Tempel - Austrian restaurant, Dampfschiff - Restaurant, Manora Restaurant Thun, Rialto - Pizza restaurant, Falken Thun - Restaurant, Burgstrasse9 - Swiss restaurant, Ristorante Mare e Terra Restaurant etc.