Safari World Zoo Tour, Thailand

About safari world Thailand: The Safari World is one of the tourist attractions in Bangkok and it consists of two parks which is named Marine Park and Safari Park is operated by Safari World Public Limited. The park got opened in 1988 with a total area of 480 acres for it's open zoo and 180 acres with it's bird park. It is spread in 8 Kms and takes 45 minutes for the ride. The Safari World Public Company Limited is accepted by Stock Exchange of Thailand and is the first and only entertainment park listed on the Stock Exchange which shows the cash flow it generates.

How Can Reach : "safari world" is located in Bangkok Province of the Thailand country which near city is Bangkok. It is good connected by road to Phuket city, Nonthaburi city and Pattaya city.

"Don Mueang International Airport" is a near Domestic and International airport which is exact 26.8 KM distance from "safari world". Here tourists can get flights to foreign countries and domestic cities Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi and Pattaya.

"Lak Si railway station " is a near Train station which is just 21.1 KM distance from "safari world". Here tourists can get trains to Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi and Pattaya.

Nearest Major Airport: "Don Mueang International Airport" is a closed Domestic and International airport where tourists can access flights to overseas countries and local cities Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi and Pattaya.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Don Mueang International Airport" (26.8 KM) to safari world tour.

Bus Services: Buses are available from "Don Mueang International Airport" (26.8 KM) to safari world tour.

Station Services: Lak Si railway station (21.1 KM) is the nearest Train station where tourists can get trains to Bangkok, Phuket, Nonthaburi and Pattaya city.

Total Area Land : 480 acres (190 ha)

Location: Khlong Sam Wa, Thailand

Park Established Year: 1988

Destination City / Town: Bangkok

Tourist Attractions: Giraffes, zebras, deer, lions and thousand of birds, dolphins, polar bear, kangaroo, macaws and amazon catfish, tiger and lion feeding shows, dolphins, Hollywood cowboy stunts, birds, orangutan boxing, and sea lions.

Things to Do: Jungle Cruise river ride, water flume ride, visit Elephant Show, visit Orangutan Show, visit Dolphin show, water skiing, Feeding the giraffes.

Bangkok Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) 22.6 24.4 25.9 26.9 26.3 26.1 25.7 25.5 25.0 24.8 23.9 22.0
Average High (℃) 32.5 33.3 34.3 35.4 34.4 33.6 33.2 32.9 32.8 32.6 32.4 31.7

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Distances from safari world Thailand:

Pak Kret City : 22.8 KM

Nonthaburi City : 30.6 KM

Bangkok City : 41.2 KM

Pattaya City : 143.9 KM

Nakhon Ratchasima City : 240.9 KM

Udon Thani City : 551.6 KM

Chiang Mai City : 683.5 KM

Phuket City : 877.8 KM

Hat Yai City : 978.3 KM