Transport in Thailand

Transport in Thailand

The Thailand is although a small country but with rich resources and it’s town and cities are always populated with tourists as it is one of the major country which has got boost because of Tourism. Much of the tourists here are from the U.S who come to spend the best of the time and has boosted the economy, the major region for being the country seen developments even with it’s currency and growth. The transport in Thailand gives a great variety to people and much of the city traffic is bound to small vehicles and MRTS in Bangkok while the other remote villages are connected through boat and to some extent by trains.

Here is the detailed guide to transport covering from Songthaews and Motorcycle Taxis to Bangkok BTS Skytrain along with renowned Tuk-tuks.

Tuk-tuk: The most indigenous mode of transport in Thailand is the Tuk-tuk which is small 3-wheeled vehicles which every other person must have seen in photos or must ahve taken a ride. They are expensive and the bargain is not easy as they talk local Thai language and most of them do not adhere to any fare. So, before riding you should ask for the exact price.

Motorcycle Taxi: The Motorcycle taxis are the best way to reach any short distances and they can be found in most of the cities along with smaller towns. If you are not carrying much of the luggage and just want to move like a backpacker then transport in Thailand is best through motorcycle taxis.

Songthaew: The Songthaew which means two rows in English, are the small pick-up trucks which are with limited space. This mode of transport in Thailand is found in smaller cities and towns and not found in cities like Bangkok but ideal in terms of price and convenience.

Bus: The Thailand has a developed bus transport system and Bangkok is known to have one of the largest bus systems in the country. The bus connects all the long distance routes and are an alternative to flying or catching the train and also provide budget travel in Thailand. It connects places like Pattaya, Krabi, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai and many other cities.

Bangkok BTS Sky Train: The Bangkok BTS Sky Train is the main substitute to the small vehicles plying through the congested roads in Thailand. The transport in Thailand is managed better by the overground railway network and developed on the modules of large western cities. The main route is found to be all along the Sukhumvit and Silom lines.

Bangkok MRT Subway: The MRT Subway, which is also known as the Blue Line and is the first underground railway line which helps the commuters to travel in Thailand. The BTS and MRT intersect at various points which allows travelers from both lines find it as a destination of choice and operates from 6 A.M. to midnight Monday to Friday.

Train: The train is the best way to get into the interior part of the Thailand and is an overground network to Travel in Thailand. The trains are mostly have air-conditioned private cabin. First class is the comfortable one with double-bed and the second class tickets are with affordability.

Travel by Air: The travel in Thailand by Air is definitely with the quickest way to get from any destination to other. The Bangkok has many tourist islands and one could board a 1-hour flight from Bangkok. Also, all the major international destinations are connected through Suvarnabhumi International airport.

Thus, one could easily travel all across by various modes of transport in Thailand and is known to give easy accessibility to all the commuters from various parts of the world.