Thailand Holiday to Visit Ayutthaya Historical Park

Posted : 5-July-2020

About Ayutthaya Historical Park Tour: Ayutthaya Historical Park is located in Thailand country which is just 77 KM ditance from Bangkok capital city. Ayutthaya was capital city Thailand 1350 to 1700 which move later to Bangkok. Ayutthaya Historical Park is an UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1991 which spread in 289 hectares area land. Here has several Buddhist temples, Museums and other monuments to visit to people. People also can enjoy here elephants riding services which provides by local agencies. Historical Park is located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River where people also can enjoy different types of the water sports.

How Can Reach Ayutthaya Historical Park: International Tourists can reach to Historical Park via train and road transport from Bangkok city while its domestic traveller can go also by road and train transport.

Air Transport: Near of the Historical Park has not any airport while nearest major and international airport is Suvarnabhumi International Airport which is just 91 KM far from traveller site.

Road Transport: To reach historical park road transport is also a good method. Ayutthaya Historical Park is just 77.3 KM distance from Bangkok capital city, Pattaya is exact 206 KM far and Phuket is exact 916 KM distance.

Train Transport: Train is a good transport system to reach Ayutthaya which nearest train station is Ayutthaya. Train station is just 6 KM distance from tourist place.

Things to Do near of the Ayutthaya Historical Park: Tourists can enjoy here several types of the activities like Prayer on Buddha Temples, Watch Historical Significance Place, Watch Museum, Boating on Chao Phraya River, Swimming on Chao Phraya River, Fishing on river, Riding on Elephant etc.

Tourists Attractions near of the Ayutthaya Historical Park: There are many tourists place near of the Ayutthaya historical place such as Wat Chai Watthanaram Historical landmark, Chao Sam Phraya National Museum, Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal, Rama Public State park, Wat Phra Si Sanphet Buddhist temple, Wat Maha That Historical landmark, Wat Thammikarat Buddhist temple, Million Toy Museum, Wat Lokayasutharam Buddhist temple, Wat Na Phra Meru Buddhist temple, Wat Choeng Tha Buddhist temple, Chantharakasem National History museum, Wat Maenangpluem Buddhist temple, Petch Fortress Historical landmark, Wat Phutthai Sawan Buddhist temple, Wat Samphao Lom Buddhist temple, Wat Kasattrathirat Worawihan Buddhist temple, Wat Thammaram Buddhist temple, Wat Tha Ka Rong Buddhist temple, Wat Worachet tourits place, King's Naresuan Monument etc. Thailand Tour trip is a good plan to explore Thailand country UNESCO world heritage site.

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