Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is the most necessary of the documentation in written for a web-link or rather a company. The not only respect the privacy of the individual by keeping all the documents intact whether in the form of papers or in details. The documents here in is known to be the soft copy or the hard copy of passport, tickets and the various other itinerary details just as to keep the authorities aware about all kinds of transaction done with regards to the company for your travel to any destination. In this context, the following details are considered as the information supplied to us:

. Making the enquiry about the tour

. Requesting for the brochure

. Making a travel booking

. Get the tour registration form

. Signing the details such as agreement or arrangement

How the personal information may affect you( if not kept safe):

The information gives all the help to provide with the personalized services and supply information through your credit or debit card transactions. The information could also be your company or personal tax invoice details or the mandatory card allowed by the tax governing authorities and we adhere under privacy policy. The web-page is anti-spam and is also secure. If making any tour booking with us we will require all the necessary details to prepare for the visa and could either send a secure link for the card transactions or ask the payment through other official payment options such as Paypal. The most important details include your credit card details and we certainly keep it safe by not sharing or selling along with renting any information which comes under our privacy policy.

Who may view your details?

The detailed information which is necessary to book any hotel room or flight booking is needed from us. It is well known that there are third party involvements for all kinds of tour purpose such as above mentioned one which is hotel and flight booking. We also make sure that such kind of booking does not be done through any company but the most efficient one’s which are recognized with IATA and other such tour operators who comply with all rules and regulations could be seen coming under it. If one has to state the examples about third party contractors then it can be specified as below under privacy policy:

. Provide transportation, including the flights

. Organize and operate the tours

. Provide the software and hardware application hosting services

Anonymous information collected:

In order to understand with the relevance of the website the privacy policy governed by the website through relevant and appropriate by the majority of the users through anonymous click-stream information and collected from every visitors. The pages viewed by you of our weblink tells all the details:

. Pages viewed number of times

. The date and time of clicking webpage

. The browser type such as Google Chrome or Opera

. IP numbers are used to determine the domain type along with geographic region

Site cookies: The privacy policy is known maintaining of the cookies policy and by making or booking by entering a competition. Cookies also contain anonymous information and is never used to retrieve any information about the identity.

Links: The site may also contain any other links to websites but manages them under strict adherence to the Privacy policy by securing all sensitive information and for further details you can check through e-mail.