Thailand Holiday to Bo Sang Umbrella Village Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 3-April-2023

About Bo Sang Umbrella Village Chiang Mai: Bo Sang Umbrella Village is located just 17 KM distance from Chiang Mai historical city of the Thailand country. Bo Sang Umbrella Village is also a shopping market places where tourists can shopping Thai memorable gifts.

How Can Reach to Bo Sang Umbrella Village Chiang Mai: It is situated near of the Chiang Mai historical city in Thailand country. Chiang Mai historical city is very well connected to other International countries via air transport where also has international airport. Passengers can come to city from other Thai regional places via air, train and road transport.

Air Transport: Chiang Mai historical city has a busy international airport of the Northern Thailand where passengers can get air flights to other overseas countries and Thai regional locations.

Train Transport: Chiang Mai city has a busy railway station where people can get train services to other Thailand domestic places.

Things to Do near of Bo Sang Umbrella Village Chiang Mai: passengers can do several things to do in Chiang Mai historical city which some are spend time at shopping market places, watch city famous museums, watch historical monuments & buildings, eat Thai local street foods, shopping gifts in central market.

Tourists Attractions near of Bo Sang Umbrella Village Chiang Mai: people can watch several famous places near of the Chiang Mai historical city which some are the following.

Attractions near Bo Sang Umbrella Village: Umbrella Making Centre - Handicraft, Thai Shopping Street, Prempracha's Collection - Ceramic manufacturer, Borsang Thai Massage, Bella's Bakes Home Cafe - Bakery and Cake Shop, Sri Yon Market, Thaweeyont - Motorcycle shop, Wat Bo Sang - Buddhist temple, Tube Trek Waterpark, Wat Phra Pan (Wat Phranon Mee Pukha) - Buddhist temple, The Pool Terrace - Swimming pool etc.

Other popular places in Chiang Mai historical city: MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum, M Sport Complex - Golf driving range, Wat San Ma Kiang - Buddhist temple, Tha Rua Market, Wat Thawon Rangsi (Wat Muang Ton) - Buddhist temple, Art in Paradise - Art museum, Makro - Supermarket, Wat Don Chan - Buddhist temple etc. Thailand tour travel is a very well idea to Bo Sang Umbrella Village trip which is situated near of the Chiang Mai city in Thailand country. Goa tour travel booking, Mumbai tour travel booking, Ooty tour travel and Kerala tour travel booking.

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