Chaophraya Surasak City Tour Guide Thailand Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-July-2023

About Chaophraya Surasak City destination: Chaophraya Surasak is a modern city which is located in Thailand country. Chaophraya Surasak city is exact 34 KM distance from Pattaya tour city which is a well destination to explore local Thai people culture and social activities.

Distance from Chaophraya Surasak City: Chaophraya Surasak City is very well jointed to other Thailand regional places via road, train, air and water transport. Chaophraya Surasak City is just 33.9 KM distance from Pattaya coastal city, Bangkok central capital city is exact 120.6 KM distance, Rayong city is just 66.9 KM distance, Laem Chabang coastal city is just 11.8 KM distance, Chanthaburi town is exact 166.8 KM far etc.

Thailand tour: It is a nice plan to spend holiday in Thailand which is a famous tour destination in Asia region. Thailand is all over world famous for its massage and spa to improvement health. Thailand is a well destination to watch lots of elephants, beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuary, clean water rivers and many more. Lots of people come to Thailand to enjoy holiday. Japan holiday trip booking, Europe holiday trip and Switzerland holiday trip booking.

How can come to Chaophraya Surasak city: Chaophraya Surasak is a popular City which is located in Thailand country. Chaophraya Surasak city is placed just near of the Pattaya port city which is well connected to other Thailand regional places via water, train, road and air transport. Other countries people can come to Chaophraya Surasak city via air transport which nearest international airport is located in Pattaya city.

Air Transport: U-Tapao–Rayong–Pattaya International Airport is the nearest international airport where people can get air flights to other overseas countries and Thai regional places also.

Water Transport: Kerry Siam Seaport Terminal is the nearest water transport destination where passengers can get ship / ferry services to other Thai coastal places and other overseas countries.

Train Transport: Siracha Junction is the nearest railway station where passengers can get trains to other Thai regional destinations.

Chaophraya Surasak City tourists attractions: Chaophraya Surasak city has several modern and historical attractions to visit which some are Fitness Center - Gym, 7-Eleven - Convenience store, The Pizza Company - Surasakrit Racha Branch, Cafe Amazon, Chao Phraya Fresh Market, Chao Phraya Surasak Municipal Market, Dopamine Ink Tattoo, Honda Asia - Surasak Municipal Branch, Surasak Center Ev Bike - Electric motor store, Sahascale and Tooling Limited Partnership, Phanawan Smart Land, Winwin - second hand shoes, Home Pro Si Racha - Home improvement store, Formular G - Tire shop etc.

Chaophraya Surasak City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Chaophraya Surasak city has several luxury and affordable types hotels accommodations to stay. Chaophraya Surasak city some popular restaurants are SER - Restaurant, Tam Lai - Restaurant, Chokul Shabu - Buffet restaurant, Deuan Tum Tard - Restaurant, Inthanin coffee, Pa' Boon Cusine 3 - Restaurant, Excellent Khao Lao - Restaurant, Niju restaurant halal food, Papaya Salad Nua Restaurant Sam Yaek Nong Leng, Che With Dee - Restaurant, Nong Leng Farm, fresh beef chopping board, noodle shop Aunt Noi - Restaurant, Pransuk home & cafe, Phusiri Mountain View & Ruean Rao Khao Ob Cafe, Tom Zab Khao Chong Lom, Kai Hub Bon Ton Tamrap - Thai restaurant etc.