UK Holiday to Hampton Court Palace Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 9-May-2021

About Hampton Court Palace Destination: Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful Palace which was built in 1529 by King Henry VIII. It is located bank of the River Thames and just 320 Miles distance from London city centre. The Palace has many of beautiful gardens, fountains, Entry Gate, Great Hall and many more.

How can reach to Hampton Court Palace: It is located in London suburb area in United Kingdom which is just 6.4 Miles distance from Heathrow Airport. Foreign tourists can come to London via water and air transport while European countries travelers can come via train, road, air and water transport.

Train Transport: Waterloo Station is the nearest station where tourists can get train to other European countries and other UK cities.Waterloo Station is just 18.3 Miles distance from Hampton Court Palace.

Road Transport: UK has modern road transport system which all cities joint together via well developed road transport. Hampton Court Palace is just 0 Miles far from London city centre, Liverpool city is exact 19.0 Miles distance, Manchester city is just 211.3 Miles far, Cambridge city is just 83.7 Miles far, and Oxford city is only 59.0 Miles distance.

Flights Transport: Heathrow International Airport is the nearest and the busiest airport of the United Kingdom which is just 6.4 Miles far from Hampton Court Palace. Heathrow Airport a busiest airport of the world where tourists can get flights to all over world.

Things to do around the Hampton Court Palace: people can recreation activities in Hampton Court Palace and London city such as explore historical Palace, boating on The River Thames, eat UK local foods, shopping gifts, watch Fountain & Garden, participate in Hampton Court Palace Festival etc.

Tourists attraction around the Hampton Court Palace: travelers can visit many attractions in Hampton Court Palace and in London city which are the following.

Attraction in Hampton Court Palace: Hampton Court Palace Festival, The Great Fountain Garden, Rose Garden Hampton Palace, The Pond Gardens, Privy Garden, The Great Vine, Magic Garden, The Kitchen Garden, Hampton Court Park, Diana Fountain, The Woodland Gardens etc.

Attractions in London: Kensington Palace, Apsley House - Museum, Design Museum, Buckingham Palace - Royal Family Residence, London Tower Bridge, National Trust - Ham House and Garden, Richmond Palace, Thorpe Park Resort, Chinatown Gate, ZSL London Zoo etc. England holiday vacation is a well idea to Hampton Court Palace tour which is placed in London of the United Kingdom.

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