Hmong Village Chiang Mai Tour Thailand Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-Dec-2023

About Hmong Village Chiang Mai Destination: Hmong Doi Pui Village is a famous village which is located middle of the deep forest on hill top. Hmong Doi Pui Village is exact 24.5 KM distance from Chiang Mai city via road transport. It is good destination to who love nature like deep forest, waterfalls, wild animals and birds.

  • Hmong Doi Pui Village Location: Chiang Mai District, Thailand.
  • Hmong Doi Pui Village Address: Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand.
  • Hmong Doi Pui Village Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Hmong Doi Pui Village Timings (Open Hours): 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

How Can Reach to Hmong Village Chiang Mai: the village is situated near of the Chiang Mai city in Thailand country. Chiang Mai city is very good connected to other Thai regional places via air, train and road transport. Other countries passengers can come to Chiang Mai city via air transport where has international airport.

By Air Transport: The historical city has an international airport where people can get air flights to other overseas countries and Thai regional places.

By train Transport: Chiang Mai city has central railway station where people can get trains to other Thai domestic places.

Things to Do near of Hmong Village Chiang Mai: passengers can do different types of the activities in Chiang Mai city which some are walking in deep forest and villages to explore local people modern life. Spend time at city parks, theme parks, water parks and city zoo etc. Watch city historical monuments and buildings which were built in ancient age.

Tourists attractions near of Hmong Village Chiang Mai: people can watch several natural and historical places near of the Chiang Mai city such as the following.

Attractions near Hmong Doi Pui Village: Ban Hmong Doi Pui Museum, Hmong Doi Pui Family Coffee, Cafe Leng Doi Pui - Home Stay, Lan Kafae Hmong Coffee, Chaopho Luang U Patham 1 School, Doi Pui Water Fall Park, Hmong Cafe, Wild Coffee - Strawberry, Wat Doi Pui Wirotchanaram - Buddhist temple, Doi Pui View Point, Chinese Pavilion, 1st Doi Suthep-Pui National Park Protection Unit etc.

Other famous places in Chiang Mai city: CONV Phupingkharajaniwet Palace, Bhubing Palace, Mon Pha Dham Viewpoint, Doi Pui Agricultural Research Station, Khrua Rabiang - Restaurant, Photo spot: Phra That Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai City, St Louis Thammasathan Christian Church - Catholic church, Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, San Ku - Historical landmark etc. Switzerland holiday vacation booking; Japan holiday vacation booking, Europe holiday vacation are good idea to enjoy tour in famous countries of the world.

Thailand tour is a well idea to Chanthaburi town / city tour which is located in Thailand country. Chanthaburi town is placed on bank of the Chanthaburi River which further dropped into the Gulf of Thailand. Chanthaburi is a good destination to explore local Thailand people social, culture and modern life style. Chanthaburi city is very well connected to other Thai regional places via train and road transport.

People can watch several famous places near of the Chanthaburi town / city which some are Oasis Sea World - Aquarium, Khuk Khi Kai Prison - Historical landmark, Laem Sing Beach, Chom Phu Phanit/Chom Phu Traditional Coffee, Laem Sing Lighthouse, Taksin Maharaj Bridge, King Taksin the Great Shipyard, International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama 9, Wat Khok Rak - Buddhist temple, Chanthaburi Grand Canyon, Nong Bua Walking Street, Wat Chak Yai (Wat Buddha Park) - Buddhist temple, Wat Mangkon Buppharam - Buddhist temple, Namtok Phlio National Park, Wat Khom Bang - Buddhist temple, Wat Sai Ngam - Buddhist temple, Khlong Narai Waterfall, Chanthaboon Waterfront Community, Somdet Phra Chao Taksin Maharat Shrine, Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University etc.