Thailand Holiday to Kalare Night Market Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-April-2023

About Kalare Night Market Destination: Kalare Night Market is a famous shopping market place in Chiang Mai city where travelers can buy different types things and foods.The market open daily from 5.00 pm to Midnight.

How Can Reach to Kalare Night Market: Chiang Mai city is well connected to other Thailand regional destinations via air, train and road transport. Other country passengers can come to Chiang Mai city via air transport where also has a buy international airport.

By Air Transport:Chiang Mai city has an international airport where people can get domestic and international both types air flights.

By train Transport: Chiang Mai city has a busy railway station where passengers can get trains to other Thai regional locations.

Things to Do near of Kalare Night Market: people can do several famous activities in Chiang Mai city which some are shopping in notable shopping market and malls, watch city famous museums, watch city historical monuments & buildings, explore local people culture and social activities, prayer in Buddhist temples etc.

Tourists attractions near of Kalare Night Market: passengers can watch several historical and modern places in Chiang Mai city which some are the following.

Attractions near Kalare Night Market: Suwit Silver - Jeweler, G&B Design - Jeweler, Wanida Thai Silk Shop - Clothing store, Ban Yam Song Sai - Health food restaurant, 6ixcret Show - Gay bar, NGFM PARKING SPACE - Night market, Mini Cooper Bar, Chiang Mai 19 Bar, Pharmacy Unit-Night barzaa Chiangmai ( An English speaking pharmacist ), Vivid Shop - Baby clothing store, Sam Tattoo - Tattoo shop, Night Bazaar Shopping Street etc.

Other popular places in Chiang Mai city: Municipal Tourist Information Center, Philatelic Museum, Chansom Memorial Bridge (Khua Khaek), Nakhon Phing Bridge, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Lok Moli - Buddhist temple, Three Kings Monument, Wat Duang Dee - Buddhist temple, Pratu Tha Phae - Historical landmark, Wat Chedi Luang - Buddhist temple, Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan - Buddhist temple, Nong Buak Haad Public Park etc. Japan holiday trip is a good idea to Kalare Night Market which is located near of the Chiang Mai in Thailand country.

Switzerland holiday trip Booking; Europe holiday trip is a nice idea to Aalborg city tour which is located in Denmark country, Europe. Aalborg ctiy is a well destination to explore local Denmark people culture and social activities. Aalborg city is very well connected to other European places and other Denmark domestic places via air, train, water and road transport.

People can watch several famous places in Aalborg which some are Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, jem & fix - Building materials store, Vikingemuseet Lindholm Hoje - History museum, Hesteskoen - Scenic spot, Aalborg Zoo, Gigantium - Cultural center, Hotel Scheelsminde - 4-star hotel, Nordkraft - Cultural center, Friis Shoppingcenter - Shopping mall, Leo's Legeland - Children's amusement center, Gug Anlæg og Planteskole - Plant nursery, Bilka Skalborg - Supermarket, Aalborg Streetfood Kokkenfabrikken - Restaurant, Springeren - Maritime Experience Centre - Museum, Vestre Fjordpark - Park, Lindholm Beach Park - Beach, Lindholm Fjordpark, Lindholm Hoje Stadion - Soccer, REMA 1000 - Discount store, North Jutland Football Golf - Golf club etc.