Okinawa Japan Holiday Tour Destination

Posted : Aug - 25 - 2019

Okinawa is one of the largest islands and the Ryuku islands of Japan. The Greater Naha Area has the Prefecture seat of Okinawa Prefecture on the South-Western part of the Japan and is now a strategic location for the United States Armed Forces. The Okinawa’s Population is known to be the longest living population in the world and the residents here are less prone to cancer, heart disease along with dementia while the women here live longer anywhere else on the earth. The Okinawa Japan Holiday has changed as it is now more about it’s indigenous culture and whether it is the cherry blossoms along with drum dances and the Eco tourism which is spread throughout many islands of Okinawa.

The people come here for Cherry Blossoms viewing and it is easy to escape the crowds from the mainland and visit this island for watching cherry blossom and the surrounding beauty with wandering souls to move all across the streets and flowering trees as it is also near to Tokyo and the floodlit 700-year-Old Nakijin Castle with opening at nights permitted during cherry blossom season. The Forests of Yanburu with small number of endemic Yanbaru Kuina makes the small flightless bird saving itself from extinction with also critically endangered Okinawa Woodpecker also which is endemic on the island. The island consists of uplifted coral reef with northern half having proportionally more of igneous rock.

The beach lovers have the same say about the beautiful beaches spread throughout with multiple beaches such as Manza Beach, Okuma Beach, Emerald Beach, Moon Beach, Zanpa Beach along with Sunset Beach. The southern end of the island is better for island hoping with around 160 islands, 49 of inhabited which stretches to 1000 Kilometre along with getting to South-West which is spread from Kyushu to Taiwan. The 14 Kerama islands which also includes Okinawa island along with four Miyako islands and only 120 Kilometre from Taiwan makes suitable for the ahead journey to visit as many cruise and ferry ship could be boarded from here.

The Canaan Slow Farm with the new organic cafe and with the eco-stay guesthouses makes the Okinawa Island’s makes it the North-West Coast and it is also a great place for the people who loves to volunteer in farm work and are called Woofers.The Shisa which are either dragon-dog-lions could be found at ever gatepost and it helps to ward off the evil spirits. So, one can understand that Okinawa Japan Holiday makes the best of the Japan tour and thus it is the must visited place although known to less of the people.

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