Paris City France Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 7-Feb-2022

About Paris city destination: Paris is the central administration capital city of the France country. Paris city is situated on bank of the River Seine which make city more attractive where do tourists different types of the water sports activities. Paris city is also the most visited city of the world by overseas tourists where lands largest number foreign tourists to visit city modern life style and historical monuments.

Paris city is located in central of the France country which is just 330.5 KM distance from Metz city, Nancy city is exact 385.0 KM distance, Reims city is just 144.1 KM far, Le Havre city is exact 197.4 KM distance, Le Mans city is just 208.4 KM distance, Nantes city is exact 384.5 KM distance, Geneva global city is just 540.3 KM distance, Lyon city is exact 465.6 KM far, Montpellier is just 747.5 KM distance.

France is a fully developed country which is located in Europe region. France country neighbour countries are Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium and Andorra. France country central Government capital city is Paris which is well connected to other countries via air transport where has the busiest international airport of the country. Paris city has the all over world famous museums.Europe trip travel and Japan trip travel .

How can come to Paris city: the city is good connected to French other domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. passengers can come from other European countries to Paris via road transport, train transport and air transport. passengers can come to the city from other overseas countries via air transport. The city has the busiest international airport of the France country.

Paris Charles de Gaulle International airport: Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is the busiest international airport of the France country where passengers can get flights to all over world. The Paris Charles de Gaulle airport is central hub of the Air France airways.

Orly International airport: Orly airport is the central airport of the Paris capital city which is the second busy international airport of the Paris city. Passengers can get here domestic flights and international flights both types.

Gare du Nord - Travel Terminals: Gare du Nord is the central railway station of the Paris city where passengers can get trains to other French domestic places. Passengers also can get here trains to other European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland etc.

Paris city tourists attractions: tourists can watch severl historical and modern tourists places in Paris city which some are Palais Garnier - Opera house, Sacre-Caeur - Basilica, American Cathedral in Paris - Church, Louvre Museum - Art museum, Sainte-Chapelle - Chapel, Saint-Louis Church On The Island - Catholic church, Paris Zoological Park, Aquaboulevard parc aquatique - Water park, Water park - Tour Eiffel etc.

Paris city famous Restaurants & accommodations: travelers can book in Paris city different types of the hotels accommodations such as Talai Lamo Restaurant - Tibetan restaurant, Restaurant Le Beaujolais - Restaurant, Yamaya - Japanese restaurant, Lobineau - Restaurant, Robert et Louise - Restaurant, Restaurant L'Ange 20 - French restaurant, Elmer - Restaurant, Restaurant de La Cordonnerie - French restaurant etc.