Qutub Minar Delhi Tour Destination

Posted : Nov - 12 - 2019

Qutub Minar which is one of the well known monument in Delhi has been a major attraction as people come for Qutub minar delhi tour on a daily basis. The monument has gained the status of UNESCO World Heritage site and is located at Kalka Das marg. Mehrauli. The height of the minar is 72.5 meters and has a diameter at top of 2.75 meters and with 5 storey when it comes to total floors. The Qutub minar was built by Qutub Din Aibak and further the additions were made by his successors who were Iltutmish along with Firoz Shah Tughlaq who were the rulers of Delhi Sultanate. The minarets is one of the tallest and is considered to be one of the first to be built with the Muslim rulers invading the country. Also, there is an appealing garden which gives the people to relax and enjoy along with enjoying the sun during winter and cool breeze at evening during summers. The imposing figure of the minarets is knwon to give the photographers some great moments as people love to get photographed there and at the same time keep the monuments image for a long more time through capturing it by their lens. The many stories which are related to the Qutab Minar construction is termed as symbol of victory and it also marks the Islamic invasion in India while some believe it to be a Tomb built for purpose of praying. Delhi Tour Travel is a well plan to visit explore Indian capital territory which historical landmarks and modern places.

The minaret has lot in terms of inscriptions in Arabic and was restored by Sikander Lodi in 1489-1517 and further it got repaired by major R.Smith although the only way to reach on the top of the minaret was through the narrow staircase which got closed after few unfortunate accident in 1981 and with that the entry got prohibited. The structure is made in the style of Indo-Islamic Afghan Architecture with Qutab Minar built with red sandstone and it also presents a perfect example of the architectural excellence and it still stands majestically with 379 steps to reach at the top and all the 5 towers showcase a different design. Although, the difference in color is because of the various storeys of Qutab Minar being built by different rulers at different time periods. The various buildings built around the world during the period when the Qutab Minar was built such as Tower of Pisa and Great pagoda in China could not reach the same architectural height as Qutab Minar was found to be the tallest and the other places of interest which could be seen in the same compound are Iron pillar along with Alai-Darwaza Gate and one could easily reach there by Delhi Metro which connects various parts of Delhi-NCR.

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