Thailand Holiday to Wat Umong Chiang Mai Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 24-July-2023

About The Wat Umong Chiang Mai Destination: Wat Umong also called Wat Umong Suan Puthatham which is a famous Buddhist temple and located in Chiang Mai city of the Thailand country. The Wat Umong temple was built in 1297.

How Can Reach to The Wat Umong Chiang Mai: It is situated in Chiang Mai city of the Thailand country. Chiang Mai city is very well jointed to other Thai regional places via air, train and road transport services. Chiang Mai city also has international airport to transport foreign countries.

Air Transport: Chiang Mai city has an international airport where passengers can get air flights to other overseas countries and Thai regional places also.

Train Transport: Chiang Mai city has a central railway station where passengers can get train transport to other Thai regional destinations.

Things to Do near of The Wat Umong Chiang Mai: passengers can do several types activities in Chiang Mai city which some are watch city historical monuments & buildings, watch city famous museums, spend time at city parks, theme parks, city zoo and water parks, eat Thai local street foods, enjoy Thai massages & spa etc.

Tourists Attractions near of Wat Umong Chiang Mai: passengers can watch several historical and modern places in Chiang Mai city which some are the following.

Attractions near Wat Umong Suan Buddhist temple: Memorial Museum Weeraphuchong Foundation and Bothiya Wichalai Institute, Suan Puttham Office - Buddhist temple, Ruesi Jewok Temple, Phra That Sang Chan - Historical landmark, Choeng Doi Suthep Wildlife Conservation Development and Extension - Wildlife rescue service, Dhammakosana Library - Education center, Wattana Art Gallery etc.

Other popular places in Chiang Mai city: Wat Pa Daeng - Buddhist temple, Chaloem Phra Kiat Pavilion Viewpoint, Wat Anagami - Buddhist temple, Wat Pha Lat - Buddhist temple, Wat Sam Yot Ruins - Historical landmark, Wat Pha Lat Hike (Monk's trail), International Buddhist Centre - Religious institution, The Orangutan Exhibit - Zoo, Zoo Aquarium, city Zoo, Angkaew Reservoir - Park, CMU Main Stadium, Lanna Traditional House Museum (CMULHM), Princess Mothers Health Garden, Wat Suan Dok - Buddhist temple, Royal Project Reservoir - Nature preserve, Wua Lai Walking Street - Night market, JingJai Farmer's Market, Siri-wattana Market (Tha-nin Market), 700th Anniversary of Chiang Mai Stadium etc. Thailand tour travel is a very well idea to Wat Umong Suan Buddhist temple trip which is located in Chiang Mai city of the Thailand country. Canada tour travel and Australia tour travel booking.

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