by Road

Reaching Thailand by Road

Thailand is a country which is landlocked on three sides by land and one side by the sea which makes it more to be accessible by road. The country shares the border with Burma which is Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Also, countries like Bangladesh and India are indirectly connected through Thailand as the highways are connected from these countries to reach Thailand and with much people taking adventure routes in the form of road trips it makes fun in reaching Thailand by road. The country has seen very much of the improvement in facilitating the highway drivers by connecting it with the different countries through better road infrastructure.

Here, are the few countries which are accessible through road and make it easy reaching Thailand by road through these countries:

India to Thailand by road: Reaching Thailand by road to India has become easy as it makes the 2500 Kilometer accessible through crossing multiple borders of India, Myanmar and Thailand and a rare group of travelers which embark on road of discovery and adventures. The easy way to drive your SUV's and other such vehicles as the road is still a rough terrain. At times one has to cross the lakes with vehicles over the lake and rivers but at the same time there are also floating gardens along the Buddhists temples and crossing Myanmar is a great fun as facing the own fear and conventions is found only to add pleasure to life.

Malaysia to Thailand by road: The reaching Thailand by road from Singapore and Malaysia is also becoming a trip taken by many as people from these countries also find it easy to do so. The people who look for traveling through Malaysia has to pay heavy Toll-tax but still they find it easy to take the few routes which could be found as follows:

Kota Bharu-Sungai Golok: Sungai Golok is a charming town which is found to be the best way to reach Thailand through Malaysia. The place might not have gigantic mall like the one in Bangkok and Phuket but friendly street markets are found here and it adds enjoyment to reaching Thailand by road.

Kuala Terengganu- Narathiwat: The Northern peninsula of Malaysia doesn't ring a bell but the beauty of Thailand gives a laid-back lifestyle. It has a Kampung-like atmosphere and local population is Muslim here but it is easy in terms of work.

Seremban-Pattani: The Thailand's Southern provinces with Pattani gives a relaxing alternative as the gorgeous architecture of Pattani Central mosque is found here.

So, one could see that reaching Thailand by road from Malaysia is really exciting as it is easy for the people to reach from Malaysia.

Cambodia to Thailand by road: Reaching Thailand by road through Cambodia is easy as it takes the shortest route through Tuk-Tuk. Also, one could get a taxi or bus to reach Thailand from Cambodia.

Thailand from Laos: The reaching Thailand by road from Laos can be through bus. It takes 10-14 hours and there are many overland crossings and the few pass through friendship bridge over the River Mekong.

In this way, one could reach Thailand by road and it makes one easy to reach Thailand through many other ways such as flight or boat but certainly road trip has it's own adventure.