Road Transport in Thailand

The road transport in Thailand is although known to be chaotic but has certainly made inroads to most of the places which are known to be remote and connecting the nearby countries such as Laos, Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar along with Philippines. The country has spent extensive amount to improve it’s road system and it has seen an influx of various modes of road transport such as Bus, Tuk-Tuk and Bikes which has given the country some of the efficient vehicular transport I.e. fast and accessible to the nook and corners. The country is all green in it’s interiors and if one ask to move towards the village the same kind of people will greet you in village attire with more friendly smile and the food remains Thai.

The Road Transport in Thailand which has seen expressways i.e. usually elevated and within Greater Bangkok and the Thailand has a provincial highway network. The Thai highway network spans all over 70,000 Kilometers across all the regions in Thailand, and often have dual carriageways which also frequent U-Turn lanes and the intersections which also slows down traffic which leads to less accidents.

The Road Transport in Thailand has seen a better infrastructure through these defined routes:

. Motorway 7- Rama IX Road in Bangkok to many routes but the main is Suvarnabhumi Airport towards Pattaya.

. Motorway 9- Motorway 9 is also known to be the Outer Ring Road or the Kanchanphisek Road with four lane motorways and has some interchange helping with better connectivity.

. Motorway 5 and so on: Motorway Route 5 designates motorways which will heads towards North, such as Chiang Rai but is under the Master Plan which shows that the country is finalizing the draft about developing the road infrastructure.

Now, seeing the major city hubs such as Pattaya, Bangkok and other cities the peak hours are full of congestion during the evening and morning but relatively the rural areas have congestion free traffic system with bus, motorbikes and cycles used for short distance travels.

The non-air conditioned buses by the government and the air-conditioned buses are found to be governed by the private sector. The Tuk-Tuk also known as three-wheelers also used for short distance in most Thai cities helping with better service for road transport in Thailand.

The Tuk-Tuks which are the three wheelers are also used for the short distances, in most of the Thai cities. This road transport in Thailand is found to be efficient in every cities and the common vehicle in Bangkok, with more than 35,000 Tuk-Tuks in Thailand carry 2-3 passengers each on every route and throughout the day and night.

With Thailand being the most visited city in the year 2013, the taxi play a major role with the Bangkok’s Taxi system and are air-conditioned while the other convenient mode is Motorcycle taxi.

If you are a little enthusiastic and adventure remains your lifestyle then with an international driving licence (Thailand is a left hand driving country) the road transport in Thailand. You can get vehicles like car or motorcycle on lease. The several rental car and motorbike outfits help with rent a car facility but remember the country has strict laws for foreign travelers and you could either land-up in jail by traffic violations or have to pay heavy amount in the form of bills which could cost you heavier Thai Bhat amount.