Train Transport in Thailand

The Train Transport in Thailand has been developed after the British invasion and the first train started chugging with opening of Paknam Railway on April 11, 1983. The Kingdom of Siam which was the name of the country during that era is now known as Thailand. The first Siamese Railway Project was discussed from the 1840’s onwards and the country aimed at linking the British Burma to Chinese Market, which also run over Northern Siam for reasons through accessible terrain. The King of Siam received a model railway in 1856 as a gift from Queen Victoria, which is kept at Bangkok National Museum.

The early-discussed railway project was to traverse the Isthmus of Kra in the Northwest point of Malay Peninsula, with railway because Kra-Canal, also was technically viable. The Thailand’s train system connects all the four corners of the country and is also scenic with the advantage of faster mode as compared to the bus system. The train transport in Thailand connects all the four corners of the country along with the international routes. The train connects with 4,431 Kilometer of meter gauge railway tracks and further terminates at malaysian Border in Songkhla and Narathiwat provinces.

The current lines are found to be on the following routes with train transport in Thailand:

. Bangkok-Chaing mai

. Bangkok-Ubon Ratchatahani

. Ban Dara-Sawankhalok

. Bangkok-Nong Khai

. Nong Khai-Thanaleng, Laos

. Nong Khai-Tahnaleng, Laos

. Kaeng Khoi-Bus Yai

. Bangkok-Taling Chan

. Thon Buri-Su-Ngai Kolok

. Hat Yai-Padang Besar-Malaysia

. Khao Chum Thang-Nakhon Si Thammarat

. Thung Song-Kantang

. Ban Thung Pho-Khiri Rat Nikhom and many others

The SRT operates the passenger trains with three classes on 1st, 2nd and 3rd with each class that varies considerably which depends on whether you’re on the Ordinary, Rapid, Express or Special Express along with diesel rail cars.

These are the main train transport in Thailand:

. The ordinary trains are older with slower services which stop at every station.

. The Rapid trains are long distance trains but not all have sleeping berths.

. All the rapid service trains have inexpensive delicious Thai Food available.

. All the express trains have sleeping berth available, and there is no Third-Class Service on Express Service trains.

. All seated express service trains offer only first-class and second class air conditioned services.

. There is no second class fan or the third-class on special express service trains.

. Diesel rail cars: The diesel rail cars have seats and engines are in same carriage.

. Ordinary train service is only kind of Third-Class train service on Eastern Lines

The train transport in Thailand has special tickets and services with even joint rail, bus and boat tickets. A commuter can buy such train tickets from Travel Agencies.

The international train transport in Thailand is of the cross border services on these lines:

. Bangkok to Butterworth, Malaysia

. Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

. Bangkok To Singapore

. Cambodia to Bangkok- Aranyaprathet at Bangkok to Poipet, Phnom Pneh, Cambodia

. Bangkok to Vientaine, Laos by daily overnight sleeper

The other train transport in Thailand is through BTS Skytrain, MRT and Airport Rail Link which is the main way to connect through intercity and is much affordable with world class structure.